︎︎︎ Tides of Change
Archipelagic mobility is central to local livelihoods in Lamu, as fishing and mangrove harvesting rely on an ability to move freely across the watery spaces of the region. The paper investigates the implications of LAPSSET on these mobility patterns and current livelihoods, shedding light on infrastructural violence and market-driven resource exploitation.
Infrastructure, mobility, archipelago, mapping, livelihoods, restrictions, Mkanda

︎︎︎ A Port of Splintered Promise
Amidst the ongoing construction of the port, this paper offers an impressionistic reflection on its impact within diverse social groups. It delves into infrastructure and development on an aesthetic plane of conception, dwelling on imaginaries and the connotative baggage of the project.
Infrastructure, ethnography, imaginaries, livelihoods

︎︎︎ Al-Shabaab,
Security, and Urban Development
Securitisation efforts are focused not only on LAPSSET infrastructure and construction sites but also on tourist areas and everyday spaces. This study explores everyday perceptions of security and how it impacts property relations, social inequality, and urban development in the context of state-sanctioned securitisation.
Securitisation, everyday life, property, social inequality, urban development, Lamu, Shela

︎︎︎ The Violence Embedded in Maweni’s Coral Stones
Maweni stands at the intersection of coral stone exploitation and potential urban and industrial development spurred by LAPSSET. The paper examines  how race impacts the dynamics of stone extraction and access to land, revealing the anti-blackness that perpetuates marginalisation in Manda Maweni.
Blackness, identity, ethnic marginalisation, land, material, territoriality, livelihood, Manda

︎︎︎Fixators of Oppression in Space
This paper delves into the links between property, belonging, and power dynamics in Lamu; exploring historical, emotional, and spatial dimensions to better comprehend the forces that shape social hierarchies and cultural identity.
Property, belonging, power, identity, heirarchy, land, territoriality

︎︎︎ Nyumbani ni Nyumbani (Home is Home) - film
"Nymbani ni Nymbani" (Home is Home) is a short film based on a series of life story interviews and urban walks with IDPs who fled the mainland during the Shifta War, aiming to uncover how their memories of displacement and hopes of return are shared in Lamu and how they impact political claims to address historical and ongoing injustices.
Displacement, belonging, IDP, Bajuni, Shifta, Violence, LAPSSET, Memories, Archipelago, Ethnic identity, Kenya
︎︎︎ Where is Home? Displacement and Belonging in Lamu’s Archipelago
This study analyses the sense of belonging among internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Lamu’s urban archipelago. Through interviews and city walks, it uncovers the complex relationship between displacement, belonging, identity, LAPSSET and the archipelagic social dynamics.
Displacement, belonging, IDP, Bajuni, Shifta, Violence, LAPSSET, Memories, Archipelago, Ethnic identity, Kenya
︎︎︎ Dwelling in Transition
This paper is an investigation into evolving domestic culture in Lamu. The study delves into women's perspectives, experiences, and negotiations with builders concerning their domestic spaces.
Domestic culture, gender, dwelling, population growth, tradition, transition